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amirisu 2 day retreat at the heart of historic city Kyoto


Knitting is my passion, but I do love all kinds of fiber crafts. Natalie Miller is an Australian textile artist that I have been avidly following in the last few years.  Her work often combines different techniques including weaving, macramé and Chinese knot making, using colorful yarn and ropes that she dyes herself.  Her color is amazing - very energetic and inspiring.
So when I found out that she was traveling in Japan, I instantly reached out.  From there, things happened so fast and we found ourselves hosting a series of workshops at both of our shops!
Natalie will be visiting Japan with her Japanese Textile Tour (as expected - already been sold out) in November. Our workshops are planned before and after the tour.  Anyone who can speak either English or Japanese (or both) are welcome to join.

Tokyo workshops
Venue: WALNUT Tokyo in Omotesando Max capacity: 7 students
Weaving Friday, November 11th. 10 AM - 4 PM (6 hours) Fee: 25,000 JPY (+ tax) - All tools and supplies …

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