Featured: Gake by Kirsten Johnstone

Gake is our featured pattern this week.  Designed by Kirsten Johnstone, the summer top has very interesting and unique features yet chic and wearable.


Kirsten described the features for us:

Kirsten: My design inspiration developed from thoughts about the inherent contrasting features of stockinette stitch and reverse stockinette stitch. I wanted to explore a design that celebrated both sides of the knit while still ‘working together’ as a coherent design.

This design incorporates 2 completely different shaped tops, butted together along the central exposed seam line. One side of the design features a fitted sleeve, smooth stockinette stitch and tailored waist shaping with a longer hem line. The other side has a sleeveless snug shoulder hugging cap, reverse stockinette stitch, a flared hem with waist shaping and a shorter hem.
It reveals more on a second and third glance without screaming ‘look at me’!


What other type of yarn would work for this pattern? Any modification ideas?

Kirsten: Yes! I have included in the pattern a modification to make this design a cardigan. So easy to do and would make this into a super funky little cardigan – perfect for those mild summer evenings I love.
As for yarn, I think a yarn with some “structure” might display the flared hem detail effectively – perhaps a linen or linen blend. I would also consider a silk / merino yarn with some “bounce”.


If you are to knit it again, any ideas for color choices?

Kirsten: I’ve been pondering a version using grey tsumugi silk to the stockinette stitch side and doing an irregular striped color combination to the reverse stockinette stitch side to really highlight the contrasting features of this design.


Lastly, how did you like our latest issue? Any favorite part of yours?

Kirsten: I particularly enjoyed those sweet Mondrian Socks! I’m conjuring in my mind a fabulous ‘grellow’ pair but I readily admit to not being much of a sock knitter. However, that said, when the time is right, those are the ones at the top of my list!

Next week Mondrian Socks will be featured - so perfect. Thank you, Kirsten!



Please join Tokuko to knit unique Gake of your own. The cast on date is April 4th, and the details can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/amirisu/2877433/



Featured: Preble by Leila Raabe


From this week to July, we are going to introduce patterns and designers from the latest issue.  The first is Preble, a beautiful intricate hat pattern from Leila Raabe.

This was the initial cover image - until a week before the release.



When presented the mood board full of architectural photos, Leila came back to us with the Preble design. Where has she gotten the inspiration?

Leila says: My current neighborhood, downtown Portland, Maine, with its beautiful brick architecture; in particular, the building at the head of my street that I see every morning on my walk to work (a neat vintage photograph of this building from early 1900s can be found at the following website: http://www.mainememory.net/artifact/18124/enlarge).


他の色で編むとしたら、おススメはもちろんレンガ色だそう。Wool Socksという色がお気に入りなんだけど、それほど注目を浴びていない色で残念なのだとか。

A swatch in Loft
A swatch in Shelter

The image of the brick wall is extremely well recreated with the stitch pattern! What other type of yarn would work for this pattern? Any specific yarn suggestions?

Leila: I think the woolen qualities of Shelter are perfect for the ribbing pattern and twisted cable. If I had to pick a different yarn, it would be Loft. One of my initial swatches for the hat was actually done in Loft to see what kind of scale and proportion the rib and cable would have (the result: very delicate. But I'd still love to do a fingering-weight version!).

If she is to knit it again, she would choose brick red, she added.  One of her favorite colors of Shelter is Wool Socks, and she feels it doesn't get the attention it deserves.




We asked about modification ideas, too.

Leila: I love wearing slouchy hats, and most of my hat designs are written with extra hat height as a result. To modify the hat to a more traditional beanie height, though, I would suggest omitting chart rows 1–14 of the Main Chart to shorten the overall height by 1.75" (4.5 cm). This would give you a modified hat height of 7.25" (18.5 cm).



Lastly, we asked about her knitting habit.
amirisu: What is your mood for knitting/designing these days? What type of projects or techniques are you exploring these days?

Leila: I knit in the evenings whenever I can these days, which ironically is less than when I didn't work for a knitting-based company. :) Like a lot of knitters I love to put on a TV show and watch an entire season in one or two sittings--a lot of knitting gets accomplished when I'm glued to the sofa.

As for designing, I more or less let ideas come to me as they will, rather than try to adhere to a more rigid schedule of "x concepts" in "y frame of time". I find that this approach works best for my own creativity. I keep returning again and again to shawls--they're my favorite kind of project for so many reasons. I don't think I'll ever become bored by them. I'd like to design another sweater soon, though!

Leila with her latest shawl design, Florin Triangle. So gorgeous!
最新のデザイン、Florin Triangleショールを身につけるレイラ。ステキ!