Knitted by the lake

Last weekend was the Spring Squam.  If you haven't heard about it, it is a fiber art retreat in New Hampshire organized by an amazing beautiful Elizabeth.
This was my 4th Squam, but the first time both Tokuko and I participated as "amirisu" in June.

Squam Art Workshopsに参加してきました。まだ聞いたことのない方のために説明すると、6月にニューハンプシャーで行われるのはテキスタイル、ソーイング、編み物系のワークショップを揃えたリトリート。私は4回目でしたが、トクコさんは初めて。amirisuとして参加する初めてのリトリートになりました。

I had never been in a place before where there are over 100 people constantly knit day in, day out - during breakfast, during classes, walking, sitting on the docks...
It was a revelation.  Yes, it's OK to knit wherever you want, whenever you like.  No judgement.

I am 120% happy about the classes I took (Tool time with Terri was amazing - I can now use power tools besides Terri's house was magical - and Amy's (Herzog) sweater class really showed me how to pick and adjust my sweater sizes), but all the other classes seemed so good as well.  Tokuko's card weaving class with John and lace shawl knitting class with Nancy were equally intriguing (Jared was taking the card weaving class, too).  And then, it is probably not about taking classes.  The entire experience as a whole matters.


自分が取ったクラスに大満足でしたが(木工のクラスで初めて電動ノコギリを使い、Amy Herzogのクラスでセーターのサイジングについて学びました)、他のクラスも本当に楽しそうでした。トクコさんが取ったカード織り(Jaredも翌日に取っていた)やナンシーブッシュさんのレースショールのクラス、とてもステキでした。

Yes, Jared from Brooklyn Tweed was there, too.  He gave us an inspiring talk in the evening about his journey in the last several years.  It was nice to reconnect with friends (both people I've met at Squam over the last few years, as well as friends we've made through amirisu), not to mention making many new ones.

At Squam Art Fair, we set up a table and displayed some samples from the latest collection.  We didn't have much to sell, but it was a good way to meet and chat with people rather than accidentally bumping into people in a crowded dining house.  Hannah, Amy, Bristol and Thea came by to give us hugs :)

そう、今回のSquamにはBrooklyn TweedのJaredが”Residence Knitter (アーティスト・イン・レジデンスのような感じ?)"として参加していて、夜には体験談のレクチャーも。久しぶりに友人達に会えて(リトリートの友人だけでなく、amirisu関係の友人にも)、新しい友達も沢山できて、本当に楽しかったです。

最後の夜はSquam Art Fairと称して、リトリートの参加者の一部や地元のアーティストがブースを構えるフェアが開催されます。amirisuもテーブルを借りて参加しました。売るものは余り持って行っていなかったのですが、4号のサンプルを展示してみました。Hannah Fettig, Amy Christoffers, Bristol Ivy, Thea Colmanといった(リトリートには参加していない)仲の良いデザイナーさん達もこのフェアに遊びに来てくれました。

Writing this made me realize that this time it really was about meeting/catching up with friends.  We hope to return to the beautiful magical place sometime in the near future.


Last but not least, one of our cabin mates Helen interviewed me for her podcast, Curious Handmade.  I will share the info when the episode is released!


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