amirisu Issue 5 ♥

Our new baby, the Fall/Winter 2014 Issue of amirisu, was released yesterday.


Since I started hiking in my pastime, I always wanted some cute knits that I could wear during hiking or at a mountain lodge to get cozy.  Of course, these patterns are good for knitting during the weekend getaways. Thus this collection is a dream come true for me.


We both always love all the patterns we publish, but I can say that is especially true with this issue 5.  There are several things I want to knit, while others, I love them, but not for me.  Those are what Tokuko is planning to knit.


Before we started to work on this issue, we never imagined Pam would accept this interview, let alone meet us in person.  We are so excited to be able to share what we have learned from her during the process.  She is gorgeous and brilliant in many ways.

今回の号の作業を始める前には、まさかPam Allenさんがインタビューに応じてくれるなんて、ましてや実際にお目にかかれるなんて、思ってもいませんでした。一緒に仕事をするなかで私たちが学んだ事柄を、一部でも皆さんにシェアすることができて嬉しいです。本当に素敵で才気あふれる女性なのです。

So, it is natural that many patterns in this issue show off Quince's yarns potential.
Olga, Mary, Hannah and Carrie did a great job creating great patterns that are wearable and fun to knit with.


But you cannot pick your favorite child.  We are going to introduce each pattern in the coming weeks.  In the meanwhile, happy knitting and reading!


Meri * amirisu

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